summer makeover?
2014-05-27 10:14:57 UTC
so this summer i want to completely reinvent my usually just that jeans and a t-shirt girl,but i want to turn into combat-boots,sweaters and leggings girl.what pieces should i buy to add to my wardrobe?all i have in my dressers are jeans,t-shirts,pajamas,and undergarments.i want to buy some acessories too.(bracelets,earrings,belts,rings) what kind of acessories should i buy?i was thinking about getting some studded products.

i also want to:
-clear my face.
-get fit.(im skinny,but not toned)
-change my diet.i want t become a vegetarian.
-get tanner.

what i look like:
-lightskinned.(can be mistaken as mexican)
-past shoulder length,curly (like REALLY curly) dark brown hair.
-plump,pink lips.
-light brownish eyes.
-kind of short.

thanks for your help c:
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Lila Polar
2014-05-27 10:25:51 UTC
Yay!! I'm doing a summer makeover (not really), but I'm improving some things (get rid of pimples, get rid of heat damaged hair-I have curly hair, healthier cuticles, drink more water, etc.).

I recommend buying black pants, white pants, and skirts (I assume you want to be more girly┬┐?). If you like studded, go for it. You should get the app wanelo if you don't already have it. It's an app where you can search up different clothing items and find a wide variety.

Definitely buy earrings, I'm not a big fan of other jewelry. Polish your nails more often maybe and belts do help with the tumblr look (I assume you're going for).

I can't help much with clearing your skin because I don't know what kind of acne you have (little pumps, red pimples, or other types). I like using bar soap and then honey (raw, from the health food store) 3 times a week. I also use st ive's apricot scrub whenever I have really bad skin or feel like it. I also use coconut oil. You sound very pretty, hope you
2014-05-27 10:38:35 UTC
If you are lightskinned, and want to get tanner, than I suggest tanning in the sun for at least 2 hours a day. Tanning beds are harmful to the body, so I would never suggest that,

Your hair sounds literally perfect, and if you dye it that can damage your hair, and cause breakage, so if you were looking to do that, I wouldn't suggest that either. But then again these are just my opinions.

If you don't like your eye color you can get contacts they aren't necessarily only for those that wear glasses, because I have a lot of friends that wear contacts, but don't wear glasses.

Well, obviously, you can not just get taller, or like actually fix that, but vertical stripes really help to make someone appear taller.

If you want to clear your face I suggest checking out Awesomenesstv on Youtube they have a recent video how to clear and make your skin softer. Also, wash your face at least two times a day, preferably at night, and during the day.

To get fit, I would say just go to your local park, or if you have a treadmill, slowly work your way up, maybe walk a mile one day, then run the next, and slowly increase the miles you walk or run, and then eventually make it all running, so that you get use to it, after a while it starts to feel good, and it's normal. You can also follow some ig accounts on fitness which will give you great fitness workout techniques to tone each part of your body.

Lastly, I would say it's really hard to just switch up your diet. It just mainly depends on how often you eat each type of food, so that you can switch it up. I would say the same like exercising. Eat less and less of the main categories that are bad for you, and then you it will be a lot easier. I know a lot of people that just jump to diets like these, and they usually don't last long. They may last for 2 months at the most, and that really cant help to change anything
2014-05-27 14:54:02 UTC
You sound gorgeous! I'm doing that too!

Fitness: Blogilates. Is. Bae. Her name is Cassey and she's on YouTube, she does Pilates inspired videos, usually cardio and HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training), and Popilates videos. She is literally so inspiring and most of her videos have more than one objective to them, and you will usually be toning along with the cardio. You can also keep track of what you eat with an app called Fitness Pal, it is so great, I love it.

Also just a random tip for overall health; drink water like you get paid to do it. It'll help clear your skin, flush toxins out of your body and also is great for your hair.

For hair care my main tip would be to keep a good balance between moisture and protein, you need both. To find out if your hair needs more or one or the other I would take a test to see
2014-05-29 09:01:50 UTC
What about your hair make over???? try deep conditioning your hair to always keep it healthy and beatiful, i like to use natural products on my hair, i onloy use argan oil based like Pro Naturals Hair Repair System, i noticed a changed right after the first use, it's a bit expensive but it's so worth it!! you only use it for a week every 6 weeks, leaves hair smooth shiny, and tangle free
2014-05-27 10:20:30 UTC

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